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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm a couple of days late getting this post up! Better late than never though, right? The kiddo and I hung out the park recently and I snapped a few photos of her while she was telling me all about her friend Bob, the pinecone. This kid. She likes to name things. Anyways, she told me that we needed to take Bob home to keep him safe. She also thought that he might enjoy going down the slide. It was another one of those moments that I don't want to forget and will miss when she gets older and thinks it's silly to play with pinecones or name inanimate objects. 

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  1. I love your conversions and DOF in these photos!! You have a very unique conversion and I love it!! It is awesome to record these memories. I love that she names things. So sweet!!!

  2. Beautiful shots. And yes, I know how it is. To want to grab those moments firmly and make sure you never, ever forget these delicate, wonderful times with the little ones. It's bitter sweet :)

  3. stunning photography! I love it

  4. So beautiful and timeless....I LOVE the second shot of the pinecone in her hands - beautiful composition and conversion.

  5. What a wonderful way to remember the day! I love the image with her hands and the pine cone - so sweet.


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