Dress A Girl Around the World Sew-A-Long!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi! I'm really excited to announce my very first sew-a-long on the blog. This isn't the usual sort of sew-a-long where I choose a pattern, break it down step by step, and have you join in with me. We're going to do things just a bit differently but with a great cause in mind! While chatting with some of my bloggy friends {and sponsors} Amy and Virginia, we came up with the idea to host a sew-a-long event that would benefit a charity. We came across the Dress A Girl Around The World campaign and thought it would be a perfect fit for what we had in mind. This organization collects pillowcase dresses made by people like you and me to hand deliver to girls all around the world!

So, during the week of March 7-12th, some of my favorite bloggers will be stopping by to share tutorials and crafty ideas to inspire you to create and embellish your own pillowcase dresses to send in! I'll have a Flickr pool open for you to share your dresses with us, and for every dress you sew and submit a photo for, you'll get an entry to an awesome giveaway.

I'll kick off the sew-a-long on Monday, March 7th with some basic pillowcase dress patterns/tutorials to get you started, introduce you to my guest bloggers, and reveal the giveaway goodies! I'll also give you the scoop on how the giveaway will work and where to mail your dresses when you're ready to send them. Below you'll find some blog buttons so you can help spread the word and let your readers know you're joining in. The buttons will link back to an archived version of this page which I'll update with links often. In the meantime. . . gather up some pillowcases  {new or gently used} or lightweight fabrics and get ready to sew for a good cause!

LBG studio

LBG studio

birthday quilt

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My little stinker turned three yesterday! I still can't believe it how quickly she's growing up. Poor kiddo has been sick all weekend so we had to keep the festivities low key -  a quick trip to the zoo to see some cute animals and a stop at Whole Foods for a cupcake. As far as gifts go, I finished the quilt I've been working on for ever and made a sweet little owl pillow to match and had them ready to give on her big day. While I think Sydney will enjoy the her quilt and pillow {now known as 'baby owl'}, they were no competition for the drum we gave her. Go figure. . .

I made the owl pillow using the quick and easy Lola the Owl Pillow Pattern by Gingercake. Virginia, one of my awesome sponsors and the designer behind Gingercake, has lots of really fun patterns in her shop and I couldn't resist this one. I used chenille for the body of the owl and some of the vintage sheet fabric I had left over from the quilt for the wings. I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

The back of the owl pillow has a pocket for top secret kid stuff!

While I used vintage sheet fabric for the front of the quilt, I used new fabrics for the binding and backing. I am in love with the teeny pink polka dot print {Cafe Dot in Candy Store Pink by Moda / City Weekend found at Pinked Fabrics}! It is so, so soft and perfect for cuddling.

Happy Birthday to my future rock star!!!

what a day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I got quite a surprise this morning! Still groggy from just having woken up, I turned on the ol' laptop while making my bowl of oatmeal. First stop. . . blogger, of course. I spotted this post and went to congratulate Jessica on winning the Prudent Baby Sewing Machine Double Down contest. As I'm reading I see that she mentions the other winner. . . me! Talk about being shocked. Seriously, just from the few potholders I saw posted on Prudent Baby last week, I thought there was no way I would win. There was some major talent going on over there. I'm still kind of shocked but really excited about this new machine. So glad I entered! Thinking maybe I should get a few lottery tickets in case I'm on a roll ;) Many, many thanks to Prudent Baby and Brother for hosting this fun giveaway and to the judges for picking my little potholder :) Congrats to Jessica  and the other finalists!!

happy little potholder

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wow! I would have never thought a potholder would kick my butt! When I started this thing last night I had no idea that I would still be working on it this afternoon. I thought I'd stroll into my sewing room last night around 9 pm {had to watch Glee! first, of course} and that I'd have a few potholders made in a couple of hours. Ha! Not so much. Now I am finally finished and have learned a thing or two. Like sewing binding on curved corners: never again. Or that I should pencil in at least 2 hours just for picking out fabrics. Anywho, the little potholder down there is my very last minute entry {open til midnight tonight, people. hurry!} to Prudent Baby's Sewing Machine Double Down. Doubt I'll win but I sure would like a sewing machine with a knee lift and built in thread cutter!! Fingers crossed :) If you need a few ideas or tutorials to make your own potholders, make sure to stop by Prudent Baby!


I used scraps from my stash for the patchwork on the front and pocket lining, used unbleached cotton for the back of the potholder, and made the binding and hanging loop from one of my favorite striped fabrics {thrift store find}. I chose colors based on my current favorites {yellow and grey} and also whatever I thought was fun and bright.The back/pocket of my potholder was inspired by this tutorial by Oh, Fransson!. Design-wise, there wasn't much planning. I kind of just figured things out as I went along and changed a few things here and there. I like my happy little potholder and I'm sure I'll have it broken in and covered in food in no time!
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